Reusable Calligraphy Practice Set

Original price was: $28.00.Current price is: $19.00.


Ever want to practice or show off your calligraphy to friends, but always deterred by the complicated steps required?

Today is your lucky day! We have a brand new product, not common in the Singapore market yet. It lets you write calligraphy with just water!

No complex setup required – one brush and one scroll is all you need!
Simply dip the brush in water and viola, you can start practicing calligraphy to your hearts’ content on our magical ink disappearing scroll!
*Note that the reusable practice paper and scroll are only made for use with plain water. Using ink on it would potentially render it unresuable.

Inside the beautiful modern lightweight carrier box, you will find the amazing items that form this practice set.
In a mere span on 15 minutes, all written ink disappears. Click on the video below to witness the magic:

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