Rice Paper Printing

RIce paper are sometimes known in the art scene as the thousand year lasting paper. It is a slight exaggeration, but not too much further from the truth.
All the rice paper prints from our shop comes mounted on a backing paper. This is because rice paper is naturally flimsy and soft and easily folded or damaged. Traditional mounting methods are ok with improper care of rice paper since the whole mounting process involves wetting the whole sheet several times. However, modern dry mounting would not be as accepting. Dry mount provides an upside, in the fact that the whole process do not need several days.

Price List for Rice Paper Printing + Mounting on backing Paper (Non-exhaustive Guide)

Standard SizeW x H (cm) W x H (inches) Price
A421cm x 29.7cm8.3inch x 11.7inch$47.20
A329.7cm x 42cm11.7inch x 16.5inch$61.30
A242cm x 59.4cm16.5inch x 23.4inch$89.60
A159.4cm x 84.1cm23.4inch x 33.1inch$146.40
A084.1cm x 118.9cm33.1inch x 46.8inch$260.00
Other Sizes You Need

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