Hanging Scrolls – versatile application

Think that hanging scrolls are only for Chinese paintings and nothing else?
Think again 🙂

With the advance in inkjet and mounting technology, anything at all, can be printed on a hanging scroll.

Alternative uses for hanging scrolls

  1. Print family photo on them u0026amp; give the image a slight Chinese flavour
  2. Print posters that can be easily replaced
  3. Print contracts or official documents – you’ll be surprised how many clients use these beautiful scrolls for official ceremonies!
  4. Print certificates on them

Not only that, images printed on scrolls look beautiful with a huge benefit – lightweight u0026amp; easy to keep! This is an especially important point for living in Singapore, where every inch of space is costly!
For canvas / photo frames, you need an actual (wide, yet flat) area in the storeroom to keep the frames – this makes changing pictures a somewhat daunting task.
The larger the picture, the bigger the glass in a photo frame, the more safety hazard it poses. This is why people do not replace existing canvas / photo frames often.

Enter hanging scrolls.

  • They can be rolled up for storage.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They are less bulky for a huge possible display size.
  • They are beautiful.
  • They are safe ; child-safe even! 🙂

Well secured pins are needed to hang canvas and frames properly – but not for scrolls!
Given proper thoughts, scroll can even be hung at the edge of a shelving!

Imagine a scenario where a Mr Lee, a retiree wants to visit his friends at the old folks’ home.
He leaves home with just a bag – of scrolls.
At the seniors’ gathering, he easily takes out several scrolls – each unrolled into pictures of 70cm x 193cm or bigger.
Everything is hung up quickly in a matter of minutes. Easy, no sweating, no panting.
Mr Lee goes on to have a good time with his friend, catching up, chatting, admiring the several paintings that he have bought over.
When it’s time to leave, Mr Lee simply rolls up the scrolls, with his friend’s help, and keep them back into his bag.
No one had to overexert themselves. Everyone are happy and Mr Lee strolls home with his bag, a wide smile on his face.
Mr Lee intends to bring several other different paintings in the scrolls during their next gathering.

Do you want to be carefree like Mr Lee? Order with us now!

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