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Our Chinese painting Giclée are quality, cheap, affordable u0026amp; highly customisable. In the old days in Singapore, not everyone can afford to buy Chinese paintings – a good original painting drawn by famous artists can cost well into millions of dollars. Giclée prints change all that: at only roughly $100 – $400, individuals can own a replica that does not compromise on quality and are visually not that different from an original – all thanks to technology!

Why buy our Chinese “Giclée prints”
  1. All the painting replica that we sell come from legal channels.
  2. We use Epson printers – the best in the business.
  3. All scrolls are ready-to-hang, with a gift box to contain the scroll, that serves to both beautify and protect.
  4. If we do not have the painting that you want, you can let us know the artist and we can do our best to source for legal and available version of the painting.
  5. We touch up most of the paintings, for example remove the mouldy areas, yellowish spots etc, to try our best to give our clients undamaged paintings.
  6. Some paintings can be framed up, or be printed on canvas and then stretched. This new style of mounting is both beautiful and lasting.
  7. No fear of scamming / unreasonably marked up prices
Important declaration

We create painting scrolls with such high quality that you can view and collect them as if they are the real painting – without the high cost and old look! However, we wish to emphasize that it is illegal to use these replica to scam people. They can be traced back to the origins under special lighting. Counterfeits and replicas can look the same. However, there is a fundamental difference – counterfeits are sold at high prices – almost similar to original prices and does not claim to be different. Replicas are clearly stated as they are NOT the original, with the prices much lower – to reflect that fact. Replicas can be used for educational purpose and also great for admiring and learning Chinese culture.

About the prices of Chinese painting replica

Everyone knows that for original paintings, the bulk of the price depends on the reputation of the artist. For Giclée prints however, it depends on the touch-up skill and how the market value of the touched-up piece.

Take the above image for example.
On the left hand side is the original scan, to print directly, the printer should only earn the printing fees, since this is a picture in the public domain.
Right hand side of the above image is the same painting, but with touch ups to remove imperfection and damages sustained over time. This piece would cost slightly more. Since each printer have their own skill level, the touch up versions would all be different too, therefore a varying price depending on how well the touch up was done.

Some paintings are too old and damaged, and to digitally repair the scan would be a great undertaking. If the touched up version is widely accepted and liked by the market, and only sold by that particular printer, then the price of that enhanced painting could even soar to be a few times that the price of other versions.

Chinese painting store (non-exhaustive list)

Below are some ready-for-purchase Chinese painting stock. You can click the individual image for more information on cost, size ; you are also welcome to book an appointment to see some of them in our studio!

Due to the wide variety of interest, we only make one scroll per unique painting. Therefore the list below is on a first-come-first-serve basis – if there is something you really like, contact us to buy now!

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