Canvas sizing guide

Sizing is very important in any design, especially the decoration of a room – it can make or break your decoration plans.

Canvas printing is customisation work, presenting to customers a world of options. However, for customers who have never printed on canvas before, the plethora of size choices could serve to confuse them.

Therefore, before printing a canvas, it is important to keep in mind the aspect ratio of your artwork.

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We understand not everyone can afford an interior designer to plan their rooms. Therefore, here’s a DIY guide on how to beautifully decorate your room with canvas of the right size!

12″ x 12″ Canvas

Proportion 1:1
This is a good choice to display a large photo, or to have 4 photo collage.

12″ x 16″ Canvas

Proportion 3:4
This is a popular choice for small desk, small hallways and book shelves.

16″ x 16″ Canvas

Proportion 1:1
Similar to the 12″ x 12″, the bigger size brings in with it a “wow factor”. Suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

16″ x 20″ Canvas

Proportion 4:5
With a longer length compared to the 16″ x 16″, this size allows for longer photos, like wedding photos or scenery.
Suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

20″ x 30″ Canvas

Proportion 2:3
The size of the tall canvas can leave a lasting impression on any room.
Suitable for bedrooms, offices u0026amp; living rooms.

36″ x 12″ Canvas

Proportion 3:1
This is a great size for panorama shots of your favourite travel destination.
Suitable for living rooms.

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