September 2018

Xu Beihong

Xu Beihong (19 Jul 1895 – 26 Sep 1953) 徐悲鴻 (19 Jul 1895 – 26 Sep 1953) He mastered the Western techniques and the Chinese techniques, applied masterfully the western realistic technique into Chinese painting and hence is reputed globally “the father of modern Chinese painting”. Xu Beihong was born in Jiangsu Province in 1895. …

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Fu Baoshi

Fu Baoshi (5 Oct 1904 – 29 Sep 1965) 傅抱石 (5 Oct 1904 – 29 Sep 1965) A Chinese painter from Xinyu, Jiangxi Province. He went to Japan to study the History of Oriental Art in the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1933. He translated many books from Japanese and carried out his own research. …

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Qi Baishi

Qi Baishi (1 Jan 1864 – 16 Sep 1957) 齐白石 (1 Jan 1864 – 16 Sep 1957) One of the most accomplished Chinese artists of modern era. Qi was of humble origins, and it was largely through his own efforts that he became adept at the arts of poetry, calligraphy, and painting. He was active to …

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