Chinese Calligraphy Mounting

Mounting Chinese calligraphy is a vanishing trade in Singapore, even though there is a huge population of people who appreciates the art. Service is mostly by word of mouth, with varying quality and pricing. Chinese calligraphy is a traditional art form that has awed both Chinese and non Chinese alike. During Chinese new year, it would be hard to find a home without Chinese calligraphy writing – most homes have at least the auspicious word “福” hung up.

We provide express mounting service for calligraphy pieces that you provide, with turn around time of 24 hours (If you wish to print calligraphy instead please click here).

However there is a catch – since this would be a more modern style mounting, the written calligraphy cannot be folded too much. Traditional mounting method requires getting the rice paper wet several times, which also straightens the prints. When required to take a non dry approach however, time would significantly increase and therefore for our dry mounting method we would require the original core to be in a better condition to ensure low cost and fast turn around.

If you need them more urgently, feel free to discuss it with us and we will see how best to accommodate. We use machine mount therefore the cost and waiting time is much lower than traditional mounting and the time taken, much quicker.

Price List for Mounting Chinese Calligraphy onto Scrolls

Chinese Hanging Scroll TypeScroll Outer Dimension (W x H)Content Size (W x H)Price
Mini hanging scroll24cm x 45cm22cm x 31cm$31
Mini hanging scroll, horizontal24cm x 40cm21cm x 30cm$38
1 feet hanging scroll34cm x 83cm 25cm x 35cm $53
1.5 feet hanging scroll34cm x 99cm 25.4cm x 49.4cm $60
2 feet hanging scroll60cm x 126cm50cm x 68cm $87
3 feet couplet (pair)158cm x 24cm x2100cm x 16cm x2$73
3 feet hanging scroll60cm x 158cm 49.5cm x 99cm $94
4 feet couplet (pair)193cm x 30cm x2 135cm x 22cm x2$82
4 feet hanging scroll70cm x 190cm 59cm x 133.5cm $130

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